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Spend Your Time Wisely and Let Us Do The Rest.
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About Time Home Improvement & Remodeling would like to welcome you to our photo gallery. Here we would like to show you some of our favorites.  Projects begin with you, the homeowner, and ends with your satisfaction. We will help design your project and see it through until completion in a timely and professional manner. Referral business means a great deal to us, and that is created by the "WOW" factor when people see our craftsmanship.


Attention to detail is important to us. We believe that the final product should be as you envisioned, and not hurried along to make a greater profit. We take the time and necessary steps to insure your satisfaction. Local in Litchfield County, we understand that client services are in great demand and hard to find. Please contact us so that we may serve you as one of our many satisfied clients

Your Satisfaction is our Success.

For years prior to our inception people kept repeating the same two words to me. It's About Time someone does quality work, it's About Time someone returned my call, it's About Time I finish that old project, and isn't it About Time you work for yourself. All of these are valid concerns to any consumer including myself. Hence the name About Time Home Improvements. Providing services shouldn't be painful.