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                                                                      Services That We Can Provide     

Carpentry                                  Painting                                 Masonry                  
New Doors                                            New Construction                               Ceramic Tile
Replacement Doors                                 Walls                                                 Quarry Tile
New Windows                                        Ceilings                                              Cultured Stone Fireplaces
Replacement Windows                            Textured Ceilings                                 Veneer Applications
Stairs                                                     Trimwork                                            Patios
Railings                                                  Interior                                               Porches
Trimwork                                               Exterior                                              Walkways
Crown Molding                                       Doors                                                 Steps
Decking                                                 Windows                                             Stone Walls
Cabinets                                                 Siding                                                 Concrete Work or Repair
Counter Tops                                         Decks
Repair Work                                           Staining

Flooring                                    Electrical                             Plumbing                 
Hardwood Flooring                                 Lighting Fixtures                               Sink Installations
Vinyl Flooring                                        Cabinet Lighting                                Toilet Installations
Carpeting                                               Switches                                           Vanity Installations
Vinyl Composition Tile or Plank               Outlets                                            Outdoor Garden Faucet Laminate Flooring                                   Bathroom Fans                                  Copper Pipe
Hardwood Planking                                 Exterior Lighting                               PVC
Ceramic Tile                                                                                                  Plumbing Repair

Hardware                                  Miscellaneous                                                      
Door Hardware                                       Nearly Anything
Lock sets                                                Bathroom Remodeling
Deadbolts                                               Kitchen Remodeling
Hinges                                                    Vinyl Window Lettering
Window Hardware
Cabinet Hardware